To the friends who uplift us


    We all know those tragedies that “happen to other people, not us.” Other people’s mothers are diagnosed with cancer, not our’s. Other people’s loved ones die during a pandemic without a chance to say goodbye, not our’s. Other countries live in civil unrest, not our’s. Other people are on the receiving end of tragic news, not us.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t been quite so true for many of us in recent months. But that isn’t what this post is about.

This is a “thank you” letter to the friends who hold our hands through these unimaginably difficult times. The friends who answer the phone at any hour, who listen to us as we cry. Who have seen us at our worst and choose us at our best, as we do for them too.

This is a “thank you” to the friends who celebrate alongside us with each victory. The friends who show up with champagne when celebration is in order, and who are more excited about our accomplishments than we are. The friends who celebrate the little moments in life.

It’s a letter of recognition for the friends around whom we can be ourselves. Without facades or concerns of judgement. The friends in whose company we can relax, be our truest, most authentic selves and laugh until the abs we didn’t know we had suddenly appear.

Brené Brown calls them the “bury the body” friends, Oprah calls them “Gayle King; the friend that everyone deserves” and I call them the greatest gifts in life. But regardless of your working title for these special people in our lives, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all that you are.

During these difficult times, when many of us are uncertain of our financial and academic futures, are grieving the loss of loved ones, are living in civil unrest and more, I want to say “thank you.”

Thank you to the friends who answer the phone when the tears won’t stop and when grief feels too heavy to carry alone.

Thank you to the friends who pull us back into the people we are. The friends who uplift us and who we will stop at nothing to uplift.

To the friends who make us laugh, who go on spontaneous adventures with us and hold our hands (figuratively and literally) through some of the most difficult moments of our lives. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for who you are, for the joy you bring, for the light you shine on our lives.

Thank you for reminding us that, at the end of the day, friendships like your’s -- friendships like our's -- are among the few truly important things in life.