Solo Marathon for Northern Italy: how YOU can help those in need!

Italy -- a country synonymous with love, celebration, joy, connection, miraculous food and incredible sights -- is could use a little extra love right now!

After a little research to find out where exactly the people of Lombardy (Northern Italy) turn to for help in times of need, I would like to tell you about the following charities:

Bimbo Chiama Bimbo: a charity that provides food, educational support, childcare, youth programs, clothing, parenting resources and more to families in need.

Croce Bianca Brescia: a local not-for-profit association whose volunteers work free of charge to provide low-cost medical services, food services and more for community members.

What am I doing?

I will be taking pledges to complete a socially-distanced solo marathon on Sunday, July 26th, 2020!

All proceeds will be donated to these two incredibly worthy charities here in Lombardy. 

In turn, your financial support will directly support those who need it most in a time in place when support has never been more valuable.

How can you help?

1.) By donating any amount -- even a dollar -- to this campaign!

2.) By sharing this post with your own friends and family.

3.) By subscribing to the blog to follow along with me as I get back in shape and prepared to run a marathon. For anyone who is looking to get back into shape after being stuck at home, join me! We're all getting back into "real life" and our ideal fitness levels together right now and I'm going to be sharing my best tips on getting back into walking and running, healthy living and more!
But does subscribing to the blog help people in Lombardy?
I will be donating 100% of the proceeds from this website to Croce Bianca Brescia and Bimbo Chiama Bimbo from now until July 26th, 2020.

Getting fit together for a good cause?! What're you waiting for?! Seriously though! Let's go!
It feels like we all are in need in one way or another right now. If giving financially is not an option for you, please don't feel guilty!

By hitting "like" and "share" on this post, you will be helping this cause reach those who are able to give.

Or better yet...just subscribe and join me in getting back in shape (no marathon required)!

Why, exactly, am I taking pledges to run a solo marathon? Here's a little more info:

Northern Italy has been making headlines around the world in light of COVID-19. With one of the highest clinical COVID-19 burdens in the world, Lombardy has carried an immense burden of 84,119 of Italy's 224,000 cases. Lombardy has been home to 15,413 of Italy's 31,610 coronavirus-related deaths.

This pandemic has caused financial crises on many scales and in many countries, but what worries me most of all is the families and individuals struggling to make ends meet. More specifically, the countless families who have found themselves in need here in Lombardy.

Living in Lombardy (Italy) both before and during the pandemic, there are a few things I think the world needs to know about this incredible country, and more specifically, the region of Lombardy:
I want you to know about the janitor at the gym down the street from where I live, and how she assists elderly people in their workouts each morning.
I want you to know about Brescia's Corri X Brescia, a running group that partners able-bodied runners with runners of all other abilities to literally run hand-in-hand every Thursday night.
I want you to know about the ways citizens of Lombardy prioritize volunteer work.
I want you to know about the woman who invited me into her home for coffee when I struggled through a conversation in Italian. other words, I want you to know about the unbreakable sense of community and character that characterizes Italy's region of Lombardy.

So friends, for these reasons and many more, I will be taking pledges for the next two months to complete my first (and probably only) marathon solo on July 26th, 2020!

I will be sharing my journey to 42km here on the blog, along with tips for runners just starting out, and what I learn along the way.

Thank you for your support! Let's make the world even a tiny bit better -- together.

Until next time,