Running and exercise: finding your "why"

When it comes to difficult tasks, we need to know why we did it...and when those tasks are particularly difficult, that "why" needs to be pretty darn persuasive!

Running (and all forms of exercise) is no exception!

It's easy to love the idea at waking up at 6am every day and starting the day with a run. Loving the actual act, however, is often an entirely different story.

On the days when it's hard to get out of bed or feel any sort of motivation to run or do the exercise you've decided to commit to, turning to your "why" is often the difference between a lazy day and that extra motivation you need to get out of the door.

Here's a quick look at the questions I ask myself to find my own "why":

How will your life improve with regular exercise?

Will you be less stressed? Will you have more energy to play with your children? Will you be more productive as a result of the extra energy that exercise gives you?

Who else in your life will benefit from a healthier you?

Will your children have a more energetic parent? Will your colleagues benefit from your increased productivity? Will your friends appreciate a more positive friend (thanks, endorphins!)? Will your family benefit from a more present you?

What does regular exercise add to your life?

Increased self-confidence? Decreased stress levels? Increased brainpower? Improved mental health? Happier relationships?

How can you help others / give back through exercise?

There is a charity walk or run for just about every charitable cause. Which cause is meaningful to you? Can you coach a local soccer or basketball team? Better yet, join me in taking pledges for a cause close to your heart to do your own solo, socially-distanced run!

Which forms of physical activity bring you the most joy?

While I hope it's walking and/or running so you can join me and benefit from some great tips that I'll be sharing in the coming weeks, the main thing is that you find something you truly love. Do you love kayaking? Dancing? Yoga? Hiking?

If you don't already have an activity that you love, don't worry! Stay tuned for upcoming posts for more ideas to find what you love, or fall in love with a sport you've already tried!

Whether you choose to download the PDF below or write this in your phone or on a piece of paper, these reasons are your "why." Now, it's up to you to decide which of these answers are most meaningful to you, and to hold on to these answers for a rainy (or lazy) day!