Why the world can't afford your self-doubt

The world can’t afford your self-doubt anymore.

The world can't afford to go without the innovative ideas you keep hidden away, fearing judgment.

It can't afford to go without you at your happiest, doing the things you love with the people you love.

The world can't afford to only have half of you. The you who exists in autopilot, doing life as the world tells you to, taking no risks at all.

You have innovations and perspectives within you that the world can no longer be without.

We all will be better when you start to make the right choices, instead of the safe choices; the choices that are courageous and bold, instead of the mediocre status quo.

The world can't afford to only have a stifled version of you; a you without hopes or dreams, without ambition or passion.

It can't afford to go without your spark, the thing that only you can offer.

So for the sake of the world, I ask:

Please, stop letting self-doubt win. Without your ideas, without your perspective, your love, your passion...the world is a much dimmer, more hopeless place.

The world needs you. But not the you that they told you to be. The world needs the person you were before anyone told you how to play it safe and let self-doubt win. 

The world will be so much better when you share your innovations, your passions and ideas; imperfections and all.