Why sharing your failures is just as important as sharing your success

We've all done it. We accomplish something that took approximately 37 hours of self-doubt, 33 emotional breakdowns, 24 rejections, 6 significant setbacks and at least one massive "WHY AM I EVEN DOING THIS?!" and then, it happens. We finally get it. The move to a new city, the proposal, the family, the university, the scholarship...it arrives. And whatever "it" is, you're over the moon. The champagne is popped, friends are celebrating with you and life is good.

Naturally, we also want to share this achievement with our friends and family online.

As if it is no difficulty at all, the posts tend to go something like this: 

"See ya in a couple of months, Harvard! So grateful that this scholarship will take me through university #lifesgood"

"Baby no. 2, can't wait to meet you."

"Loving you is easy. Can't wait to marry the love of my life."

"Hard work pays off" *insert picture of 23-year-old Cameron standing next to his Tesla and PhD certificate*

"Visiting home in Kentucky reminds me of how grateful I am to live in beautiful Calabasas! #blessed #indooroutdoorpool"

Well, we all know none of the above accomplishments are easy, nor do they come without significant amounts of effort and adversity. But given that the latter is a widely accepted truth, why do we shy away from sharing the realities behind these achievements? And are we creating a culture that is so obsessed with achievements and perfection that it's shameful to share these realities? Why do we not celebrate the achievement of working toward something as if our efforts are worthless unless they're fruitful? It can feel as if we're saying to ourselves and others "the lessons you and I learn are worthless unless we succeed."

The answer may be unclear, but one thing is certain:

We all fail, we are all afraid, we all experience self-doubt, and we all know deep down that these accomplishments can't possibly come easily.

Remember this:

Every success is birthed of countless failures

Every confident person grew from self-doubt

Every accomplishment happened after hours of silent work, dedication, and determination

Every person struggles approximately 100000x* more than shown online

So be kind to one another, and most importantly, be kind to yourself.

*a very specific statistic drawn from a special collaboration between common sense, exaggeration, and your's truly.