Why I'm Okay with Sucking at Running (for now)

Sometimes (most of the time) it can really suck to suck at things. When I started running again after a year-long hiatus, this one really slapped me in the face. After a mere 5km, my body was aching, but my ego was hurting a whole lot more.

Previously (see pictured), I had run 5-12km daily, completing half-marathons like it was my second job.

Fastforward to this month, after my first few runs, I was embarassed that I had told anyone that I had started running again. I love being aroud people, but I suddenly longed to live in a deserted town with myself and maybe a nice dog or cat to keep my company. That way, no one could see me absolutely suck at running!

After a while, though, Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson's words came to mind: "it's better to do something badly than to not do it at all."

I repeat: it is better to do something badly than to do nothing at all.

Well ain't that the truth?!

This quote couldn't be more applicable to me as I struggle through 5km runs that I used to glide through with ease (and speed)!

We all start awful at the things we become experts at, and while we may not seek expertise in every hobby we pursue (enter: running), it is so important to suck at things. Because it's so important to find the things that bring us fulfillment and joy in life.

How else do you think Michael Phelps became Michael Phelps or how Ellen Degeneres became Ellen? One thing I know for sure is that they didn't start as olympic athletes and comic genuises. They almost certainly started by sucking at their trades. What sets them apart from the crowd is determination (and I'm sure some talent mixed in there too).

So, the next time you consider taking up a new hobby, consider this: we all once sucked at the things we are best at now. Whether you choose courage and pursue the things that excite you, however, is entirely up to you.